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Your business is unique, and so are your coffee needs. To ensure the perfect fit for you, we offer a wide variety of coffee machines. From espresso machines to instant coffee vending machines - we’ve got just the one for you.  

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Espresso coffee machines

Our espresso machines guarantee consistently great flavour. Because of the pressure of hot water in the brewing process, a cup of espresso has a very characteristic aroma and a smooth layer of crema.

Instant Coffee Machines

Our instant coffee machines brew rich and aromatic coffees. Using only hot water, these coffee machines are an effortless and indulgent solution for your business. 

Cafitesse Coffee Machines

Cafitesse is 100% pure, high quality coffee extracted from the best coffee beans. Our Cafitesse machines offer speed of service, user friendliness and great reliability.

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Espresso machine or instant coffee machine
Are you looking for a coffee machine with fresh coffee beans or are you specifically looking for a coffee machine with instant coffee? Discover our wide range of coffee brew systems and discover what coffee machine fits your needs.


Looking for a coffee vending machine?
Within the range of JDE Professional there are several coffee vending machines, with multiple vending options such as hot chocolate, cappuccino and cup dispensing. Depending on your situations we can always provide personalized advice.


When do you need a commercial coffee machine?
Are you working within a company with at least five employees or daily guests? In this situation we advise to use commercial coffee machine. This will improve the quality of the coffee. For instance, a commercial coffee machine can be connected to fixed water supply and an extended the grinder for a higher volume capacity.

Depending on your needs, a commercial coffee machine can include a service contract where we will assist you with maintenance, cleaning and automatic restock. Do you need help procuring a coffee machine for professional use? Read this article with six tips for an office coffee machine.


Coffee machine with grinder
Is it important for you to serve coffee with freshly grinded beans to your customers, employees or guests? When using a coffee machine with grinder you are ensured of the best cup of coffee possible. We have a wide range of grinders, espresso machines or automatic coffee machines that may suit your needs.

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