Krea Bean2cup

Highest level of operational efficiency
  • High capacity
  • 8 coffee variations
  • Automatic coffee machines

Highest level of operational efficiency

The Krea Bean 2 Cup coffee machine has an elegant and appealing design. The coffee machine has a compact footprint and is suitable for locations with limited space. The user-friendly intervace is easy and engaaging to interact with. The Krea Bean 2 Cup provides the optimum quality of drinks. Quote on request

Coffee recipes

  • Lungo Lungo
  • Hot water Hot water
  • Cappuccino Cappuccino
  • Espresso Espresso
  • Hot choco Hot choco
  • Choco de luxe Choco de luxe
  • Latte Latte

Is this coffee machine best suited to your business?

  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Fresh espresso beans
  • High capacity

Coffee jug

If this function is enabled, you can also make jugs of coffee. The content of the coffee jub differ per type of machine and depends on the height of the dispensing space.
  • No