Piazza D'Oro

The Piazza D’Oro coffee blends utilise premium and exotic coffee beans,
each with its own unique set of flavours, aromas and characteristics, to excite and inspire.

Piazza D'Oro

An unforgetable experience

Our coffee is the result of 265 years of knowledge and craftmanship in the field of blending and roasting. Piazza D’Oro creates refined flavours and it is our mission to serve a consistent cup of coffee each and every time and make taste come alive. Every cup of coffee with Piazza D’Oro becomes a unforgettable experience.

Unique taste sensations

Six premium coffee blends, each with its own unique taste sensation all loved by customers for the amazing taste as well as Baristas for the consistency of the coffee. The blends contain either pure Arabica coffee beans, or a blend of Robusta and Arabica for that powerful flavour. We also offer sustainable UTZ certified blends and Single Origin Colombian beans. 

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UTZ certified beans from Colombia, Peru, Brazil and India. Composed sweet cup, roasty, milk chocolate notes, medium body, smooth mouth feeling. Balanced persistence in milk.


Dark roast with praline and dark chocolate notes, hints of citrus acidity with background spice and leather. Syrupy mouth feeling deepening of caramel tones in milk. Beans from Brazil, Colombia, India, Peru and Honduras.

The Colombian

Pure Colombian Arabica beans, medium to dark roast. Sweet aroma with notes of coffee berry and caramel, light acidity combined with full body and flavour hints of honey like sweetness and cocoa bitters.

The Artisan

Pure Arabica beans, dark roast. UTZ certified. Bold aroma, distinctly sweet, almost raisin like, semi-sweet chocolate tones, with a rich finish. Beans from Colombia, Honduras, Brazil and Indonesia.


Richly intense aroma, low acid, hints of molasses, aromatic wood and earth. Sweetly smooth balanced finish in milk. Beans from India, Colombia, Peru and Brazil.


UTZ certified  beans with  richly intense aroma, low acid, hints of molasses, aromatic wood and earth. Beans from Central & South American Arabica with a hint of fine African Robusta.

Piazza D’Oro Premium Hot Chocolate

Piazza D'Oro Hot Chocolate Mix has a deliciously smooth milk chocolate taste that makes it the perfect daily hot chocolate treat.

Your coffee solution
- from cafe to hotel

Piazza D'Oro would like to help you get the most out of your cup of coffee. Our Coffee Care Specialists give you personalised advice so your business will have a perfect fitted coffee solution. We can help you with the perfect brand, blend and also equipment.

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Outstanding crockery

With the Piazza D’Oro crockery, you are ensured to serve your coffee in something unique. The matte porcelain cups underline the refined character of your coffee and the modern twist design of the cups makes sure the rich crema layer stays intact.

Excellent coffee machines

Perfect combination with Piazza D'Oro

Wega Polaris

La Marzocco Linea PB

Mazzer Major Digital

Read everything about our coffee machines for bars and cafes.

Proud to offer UTZ Certfied blends

Piazza D'Oro & sustainability

UTZ - which stands for good in Mayan language from Guatemala, is at the forefront of sustainable farming and providing better opportunities for farmers, their families and the environment. 

Our journey from farm to table includes our investment in sustainable farming practices. Put simply, sustainable coffee is coffee grown in a manner that is kind to the environment and its people. A sustainable farm gives back as much to the land and people as it receives. It seeks independence from non-renewable resources and uses renewable resources when possible. Sustainable farming also minimises pollution, and recognises the need to respect workers and the farmland they keep.

Learn more about UTZ here.