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Australia is a coffee drinking country. We love fresh espresso coffee. Jacobs Douwe Egberts works together with coffee equipment suppliers like La Marzocco and Wega to ensure that our customers are provided with the best espresso machines available in the market.

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More information about Espresso machines


What is an espresso machine?
An espresso machine is a coffee machine that uses the espresso brewing method. Within the espresso machine category there are two types of machines, a full-automatic coffee machine or semi-automatic coffee machine (traditional espresso machine). For an espresso coffee the first step is to grind coffee beans with a grinder. With a full-automatic espresso machines this process within the machine, automatically.


Espresso brewing method
To brew espresso coffee you need espresso beans, a grinding system and an espresso machine that can push hot water through the coffee with high pressure. The grinded beans will be placed in a container, thereafter high pressure squeezes hot water through the freshly grinded coffee. As a result of the high pressure, the espresso coffee gains its charactaristic flavour with a beautiful layer of crema.


What coffee types can be brewed with an espresso machine?
With an espresso machine you can not only brew tasty espresso coffee's but also other coffee types, such as a long black. Offering milk coffee variations such as cappuccino, latte or flat white is possible with a skilled barista or a full-automatic coffee machine. Would like to learn more about coffee types? Here you can read everything about coffee types.


The best espresso machine for you
You don't buy or rent an espresso machine on a daily base, therefore choosing one can be difficult. We offer semi-automatic coffee machines or fully automatic coffee machines. We offer personalized advice, so you are ensured of the coffee machine that fits your needs. In addition, we have all espresso machines accessories that will complete the offer.


The most delicious coffee beans for your espresso machine
JDE Professional has a broad range of espresso beans such as Piazza D'Oro, Espresso diManfredi, Two Seasons, ORG Coffee and the Kings Grove Kraft Bag. You can order these when you are a customer of JDE Professional or you can shop these at our partners and distributors.