Instant coffee machines

When speed is crucial, you choose instant coffee. Jacobs Douwe Egberts instant coffee machines brew aromatic coffee from Moccona. High quality coffee without nonsense. This way you can enjoy a cup of Instant coffee. 

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The instant brewing method
To provide you with the highest quality of instant coffee our coffee experts brew millions cups of powerful and strong coffee. After brewing they evaporate the water by freezing it as quickly as possible. This way they only preserve the coffee aromas in a dry condition, bringing you high quality freeze dried instant coffee. The only thing that needs to be done for a delicious cup of coffee is add hot water. This way you are ensured of an aromatic coffee, cappuccino or latte in no time. Variety is no problem with the instant coffee machines of JDE Professional, speed and large capacity neither.


The best instant coffee machine for you
Our range of instant coffee machines is specifically adjusted to your wishes. What instant coffee machine suits your needs? We are ready to give you personalized advice on the best instant coffee machine or other coffee machine. Our coffee experts have knowledge on coffee machines from each category, even if you have doubts about the coffee type, they are ready to help.


Premium taste, for lover of coffee
JDE Professional has a large range of instant coffees, provided to you via the most loved instant coffee brand: Moccona. Founded more than 265 years ago, Moccona created a standard in countries all over the world for instant coffee. From single serve instant sachets for hotel guests to larges tins for your office. With Mocconna you are ensured of your quality daily cup of coffee, everywhere you go.