Barista ONE

Turn the coffee corner into your own Espresso bar
  • 50 - 80 employees or guests
  • 12 standard variations
  • 30sec/cup, 40/sec cappuccino
  • Separate dispensing hot water

Turn the coffee corner into your own Espresso bar

Exclusively designed for lovers of great bean coffee, Barista ONE brings the authentic fresh bean experience to the workplace. The Barista ONE combines coffee from the finest beans with the innovative technology of a fully automatic Swiss-made espresso machine.

Coffee recipes

  • Lungo Lungo
  • Hot water Hot water
  • Cappuccino Cappuccino
  • Espresso Espresso
  • Coffee creme Coffee creme
  • Latte Latte

Is this coffee machine best suited to your business?

  • Brings authenic barista experience to every location
  • Optional hot chocolate in machine
  • No special flavors
  • No cup dispensing

Voltage (V)

Coffee machines with a voltage of 230V can be connected to a normal socket. Coffee machines with a voltage of 400V require a power connection.
  • 230V

Brew time cup (sec)

Number of seconds for brewing a cup of coffee of 125 cc.
  • 30

Machine dimensions

Height x width x depth in millimeters.
  • 815 x 592 x 560

Recommended dimensions

Height x width x depth in millimeters. Sometimes extra space is required, for example for ventilation of the machine, or for refilling coffee, sugar etc.
  • 920 x 800 x 660

Cleaning time (minutes per week)

The cleaning time is the expected cleaning time in minutes per week for this coffee machine.
  • 53.7

Coffee jug

If this function is enabled, you can also make jugs of coffee. The content of the coffee jub differ per type of machine and depends on the height of the dispensing space.
  • No

Water supply

There are two options for the water supply in a coffee machine. The first option is by using a water tank that you can fill yourself. The alternative is that the machine is connected to a fixed water connection. Here you will find which option this machine offers.
  • Tank
  • Fixed

Coffee capacity (KG)

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  • 1.3

Max number of cups per day

Maximum number of cups of coffee what this coffee machine can brew per day.
  • 0 - 100

Authentic quality

This fully automatic espresso machine offers every delicious variation in an instant, from a powerful espresso to a soft Cappuccino or a luxurious Latte Macchiato. All with the best beans, through a system that is made for perfection. The Barista ONE is the successor of the Schaerer Prime.

Feel welcome

With Barista ONE you create an environment where people can flourish, where you can relax, get new inspiration or simply a place where you can sit down with colleagues, customers or guests.

Make it easy

Barista ONE offers you the ultimate combination of delicious coffee, made from the very best beans, and the innovative technology of a fully automatic espresso machine. So you can enjoy the most fantastic coffee variations wherever and whenever you want and make your coffee shop your own espresso bar.

With its simple and user-friendly 7-inch full-color touchscreen, for choosing and preparing your choice, Barista ONE offers you the best for both head and heart.

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Why coffee motivates your employees

Coffee is important to most Australias and is an integral moment in their day. Not just for the caffeine, but for what coffee represents – a special moment or a special moment between colleagues during a break.

Read why coffee can improve your work environement. 

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