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Pickwick Tea

A quick chat with your colleague? Or a warm welcome for your visitors? Pickwick Tea adds that little bit of extra warmth to your workday.

Pickwick Tea for every occasion

Always and everywhere

A cup of tea can be inspiring during a meeting, a break with colleagues or whilst meeting a customer. Offering a great tea experience is key to making your tea loving staff or guests feel looked after and ensures you have a quality choice of beverages available for every need and time of day. Explore our range of exciting Pickwick...

Pickwick Professional Range

The history of Pickwick goes back to 1753 and more than 250 years later, we still celebrate sharing the richness and trusted quality of Pickwick teas with tea lovers around the world. Our Professional range offers you 6 different blends to choose from. Enjoy every moment.

Black tea

English Tea
Pure black tea; rich in flavour. Perfect cup with breakfast.

Earl Grey
Black tea with bergamot; slightly spicy but refreshing blend.

Green Tea

Green Tea Lemon
A refreshing green tea blend with a touch of lemon, based on the authentic Asian world of tea.

Green Tea Pure
A beautiful blend of Fairtrade certified fresh green tea leaves, specially selected for the soft and refined natural taste of pure green tea.

Infusion Tea

A naturally caffeine-free blend. Deliciously minty freshness.

Pure camomile. a naturally caffeine-free blend.

NOTE: Pickwick Camomile will instead be Rainforest Alliance certified from 2022.

Pickwick Tea Master Selection

Five popular blends with a twist

Staying true to the traditions of our craft, our Tea Masters have sourced rich tea leaves and authentic herbs, spices and fruit to bring you the Tea Master Selection. The melanges have a beautiful balanced flavour, mainly because of the extra-large tea leaves. These large leaves brew your tea more slowly, which slowly release the flavours.

Enjoy Pickwick Tea
in a café or restaurant

All the time of the world. Enjoy a good conversation. All you need is a warm cup of tea. With Pickwick Tea Master Selection you create a very special moment for your guests. Get in touch with us to discover the possibilities.

Sustainable Tea
from Pickwick

We care about quality, but we also care about the farmers who grown the tea and our planet. Jacobs Douwe Egberts is a proud member of the organisation ‘Ethical Tea Partnership.’ Additionally, we also work together with independent certificate programs like UTZ Certified. Therefor we can help farmer to improve their living conditions and we spend care on Nature and the environment.

Pickwick Tea Master Selection range

This signature range offers well known, delicious tea blends each with
a unique gentle twist developed by our tea masters.

English breakfast
A beautiful selection of rich black tea blended to perfection for a surprisingly robust taste.

Earl Grey
A delicate black tea blend subtly blended with a hint of bergamot and zesty lemons for a fresh smooth taste.

A delicate, floral camomile with a light and sunny taste.

Green Tea Pure
A beautiful selection of fresh green tea leaves blended to bring out the simple and refined notes of green tea.

A lovely blend of natural mint and spearmint leaves delicately combined for a subtly fresh, mild taste.