Machine consumptions

The hot drinks that this coffee machine can serve.

Number of employees and guests

The number of employees and guests for whom the machine is suitable for average use. This is an advice fewer users is not a problem at all.

Machine filling types

The ingredient is available in various forms; espresso bean, ground coffee, liquid coffee or instant coffee.

Water supply

There are two options for water supply in a coffee machine. The first option is by using a water tank that you can fill yourself. The alternative is that the coffee machine is connected to a fixed water connection.

Coffee jug enabled

If this function is enabled, you can also make jugs of coffee. The content of the coffee jug differs per type of machine and depends on the height of the dispensing space.

Cafitesse Coffee Machines

Cafitesse is a liquid coffee-extract made from the highest quality beans. Cafitesse means fresh brewed coffee from with excellent quality: 100% pure coffee. The Cafitesse coffee machine offers you a high standard, maximum user-friendlyness, speed and reliability. 

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