Be the ultimate host


The Ultimate Hospitality

Your guests and colleagues are your most valuable asset. It’s your job to let them know that, every day. The proof is in the coffee. Provide the ultimate hospitality with L’OR LUCENTE PRO: a beautifully designed coffee solution for those who value taste, variety and people.

Gold standard in espresso

L’OR LUCENTE PRO is especially made for your business. A small solution, with big results. Ultimate hospitality is something you can taste, something you can see. That requires the highest-quality espresso, an eye-catching coffee machine and premium accessories. With, of course, the highest ease of use.

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Why serve anything less than gold?

L’OR capsules capture the most enjoyable aromas and taste. The high-quality and exclusively selected beans, the complex blends, the enriching roast, and the carefully selected grind; they all contribute to the intense espresso experience that sets the gold standard. Why serve anything less than gold?

Impressive design

The coffee machine is especially designed for intensive use in small businesses, boardrooms and boutiques. The Italian design will impress your guests and colleagues. But above all, it is very easy to use and operate. No technician is needed for installation nor for maintenance.

Elevate your coffee standards

Matching luxurious dispenser

With such a beautiful coffee machine, you need some outstanding accessories to finish of your coffee solution.

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Ultimate variation in blends

With L’OR LUCENTE PRO you can treat your guests and colleagues.
The specially designed capsules preserve the aromas better than before, thus delivering the intense flavour in every single cup.

The Espresso ONYX is a hymn to the ultimate essence of pure espresso: noble, black and racy. Its roasting and fine grinding reveal a typically spicy mixture, highlighted by a supreme note of bitter cocoa which reveals the most powerful character of the espresso. Origin: Colombia

The L'OR LUNGO PROFONDO rises with intense and spicy aromas. Along with notes of toasted almond and licorice, accompanied by a shimmering mousse in bronze shades.

Carefully-considered RISTRETTO dazzles the senses with its expressive fresh persona and powerful spicy aroma, an ideal ristretto blend that makes striving for espresso perfection an intensely unforgettable journey. Dazzle your senses... Subtle yet intense, with notes of spice that dazzle the senses with strength and character. Origin: East Africa & Asia.

The lush nature of Colombia and the legend of El Dorado are the inspiration for COLOMBIA, a full-bodied espresso with a rich and intense character with an exceptional length in the mouth. Enter this mythical and grandiose culture that inspired the greatest explorers and offers the finest Arabica coffee beans in the world. Origin: Colombia

L'OR Espresso SPLENDENTE is an espresso of incomparable quality with pronounced aromas and an elegant golden foam. Its irresistible taste is crowned with light notes of hazelnuts, ending on a zest of citrus fruits.

The strong and spicy aroma from the L'OR SUPREMO is inimitable thanks to its complex notes of dark chocolate, oak and walnut. Also enhanced by a generous mousse for intense pleasure. Origin: Central & South America.

When ease meets exclusivity

Convenience and luxury are not mutually exclusive. Better yet, they complement each other. The typically Italian design of the coffee machine offers a luxury feeling, while installing L’OR LUCENTE PRO requires nothing more than putting the plug in a socket.

Perfect serve for your clothing shop

“I’m really enjoying the L’OR LUCENTE PRO solution for my shop. I serve up to 25 cups per day. It’s ideal for smaller locations, such as mine.”

Ease of use in the boardroom

“The installation time was zero to none. The plug & play system is perfect for our boardroom.” 

Attractive to small businesses

“The price per cup is what convinced us. L’OR LUCENTE PRO is the right solution for us. Taking into account the competitive machine price, we were sold.”