Two Seasons coffee

There are many many crops with the potential for greatness.
We’ll go the ends of the earth to seek out those ‘one off’ harvests to find beans of pure coffee magic.

Dedicated barista’s serve Two Seasons

The best seasonal coffee

The mission of Two Seasons Coffee is to bring you the best seasonal coffee from around the world. Seasonal coffee embraces the true nature of the coffee berries and is fresh from the tree. Coffee grows in 70 different countries so this means environmental variability's differ from place to place… and from year to year even within the same farm. Two Seasons Coffee offers a stable blend and a Single Origin coffee that changes every size months.

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Two Seasons Single Origin

Currently sourced from Mt. Elgon, Uganda.
This is your unique, Single Origin coffee that is seasonal. Each harvest has different tasting notes and a unique story behind each crop. Two Seasons brings two unique Single Origin coffee harvests a year.

Exclusive Single Origin Coffee

Two times a year

The Two Seasons blends are continually changing, according to the new crops that are harvested. This means there is only a X amount of coffee purchased from one harvest. Two Seasons is exclusive and only available for cafés, restaurants and bars dedicated to good coffee.


Two Seasons Blend

A constant blend from Seasonal Origins but keeping a consistant taste. Our master roaster are doing quality, flavour checks to make sure you have the taste you want.

Current Single Origin

Mt Elgon, Uganda

Uganda is described as the "pearl of Africa" and lies in the heart of East Africa on the shores of Lake Victoria - the source of the Nile. Mt Elgon - where the current Single Origin is from, is an extinct volcano on the border of Kenya and is known for having coffee with great balance and acidity.

100% arabica | High grown | Hand washed processing

A joyfull coffee solution

For the Perfect Espresso

Two Seasons offers everything to serve your customers the perfect espresso experience. We have coffee related products as colorful as our coffee – recyclable and compostable take away cups, colourful ceramics, umbrella’s, wind breakers or aprons to radiate the joy of coffee. Two Seasons also offers colourful coffee machines, grinders, syrups, hot chocolate and chai tea. Two seasons helps owners with a total coffee solution. Would you like to know more about our total coffee solution?

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Espresso Machine & branding

The perfect espresso doesn’t only require a good coffee bean, it needs a skilled Barista, the right coffee machine and experience. Two Seasons offers you quality coffee and a broad range of espresso machines and branded items. Learn more:

La Marzocco

This legendary coffee equipment brand offers perfect temperature stability, extraction and pressure. The coffee machine can be customised and wrapped in colourful designs or co-branded with your logo.

Mazzer Major Digital

Fresh coffee only seconds away.

With the Mazzer Major Digital Grinder-Doser you are insured with perfectly grinded coffee, for the perfect coffee extraction.

Branded Items

When choosing Two Seasons, you are ensured of a full coffee experience. We can provide you with branded materials such as, paper cups, umbrella's and a branded machine wrapper. 


As we love to travel the world, experience the world of coffee and take time to enjoy our journey we are also keen to share our story. Share a bit of our beliefs and also share the happiness that a new coffee season can give us. You can follow us, or use #twoseasonscoffee to share your story with us:


Our world journey

Previous seasons of coffee

Every six months our Master Roasters and Coffee Sourcing team search the world for the best Single Origin crop of coffee. Our previous Single Origins have been from:

› Guatamala › El Salvador › Peru › Guatemala 2 › Sumatra › Costa Rica › Blue Java › India › Rwanda › Dominican Republic › San Andres, Honduras › Mexico › Timor › Yunnan Province China (Dog)