Espresso machines

We have a range of espresso machine brands to cover all occasions and needs. We offer full service packages, including national support with our network of efficient and experienced technicians. All machinery is installed with appropriate filtration systems and with JDE Professional's variety of products we have all the consumables you will need for Espresso machines, from coffee beans to cleaning supplies. 

We also have options available for:

  • Free on loan
  • Custom colour espresso machines
  • Custom designed espresso machines



La Marzocco FB/80

Artisan quality - ideal for locations where top quality in the cup and design are equally important. The FB/80 merges advanced technology with attention to detail and colour, La Marzocco's pursuit for perfection and expression of excellence.


La Marzocco Linea

The historical classic. A work of art that is linear in design and dressed in polished stainless steel. The Linea is perfectly executed to blend into any setting, a unition of simplicity and elegance, a La Marzocco classic, an industry design.


Wega Atlas

Simple and essential, but with a professional heart, capable in responding to the highest demands. Thanks to its minimalist linear design, Atlas adapts perfectly to any context and is easy to use and clean.


Wega Pegaso

A solid preforming espresso machine. Very reliable with steel chassis and expertly blended platinum coloured panels. An ideal coffee machine for any new "start up" business.

Wega Polaris

Electronic coffee machine with 4 programmable doses per group, including manual brewing button. Hot water tap with programmable electronic dosing.

Schaerer Barista One  

Exclusively designed for lovers of great bean coffee, Barista ONE brings the authentic fresh bean experience to the workplace. Barista ONE enables you to transform the coffee corner into your own espresso bar.

Schaerer Prime

Anyone who aims for high quality but not for a high investment will find the Schaerer Prime to be the machine of choice as it can be readily expanded to accommodate growing needs.

Schaerer Vito

Outstanding quality, reliability and simple operation. Despite its compact size, the Schaerer Vito allows you to enjoy the finest in coffee.


Schaerer Art Touch

The Scharer Art Touch offers top performance at all levels. A wide variety of beverages, the quality of the coffee and milk beverages, countless configuration options and simple operation - you're always a step ahead of the competition.


Mazzer Automatic Grinder-Doser

Mazzer automatic grinder-dosers are the industry standard grinder with models to suit all commercial and domestic requirements. It is easy to see why Mazzer has earned itself the reputation as the best grinder on the market.


Mazzer Electronic Grinder-Doser

Continually meeting market requirements, Mazzer has designed their well known models with grind-on-demand technology. Electronic settings allow the barista precise volumes of coffee to drop directly into the handle ensuring consistent and fresh coffee every time.