The Piazza D'Oro merchandise range includes branded umbrellas, windbreaks and A frames.


The umbrella is designed in Australia and branded with the Piazza D'Oro logo on all 4 canvas panels.  It is available as 2m and 3m diameter (open) and features a flat, removable base for easy storage. Comes with a base.


The windbreaks come in two lengths, 1m and 2m, with the height at 920m on both. The Piazza D'Oro logo is printed onto vinyl panels and fixed onto a powder-coated tubular steel frame.


The A frames are made of metal composite panels with a metal frame. The design is the same on the back and front - chalkboard with a printed header, wooden look with the Piazza D'Oro logo.


Available in Australia and New Zealand.




2M Umbrella - Code: 68526 
3M Umbrella - Code: 68527 
1M Windbreak - Code: 68513 
2M Windbreak - Code: 68514 
A Frame - Code: 68502



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