Piazza D'Oro


Piazza D'Oro Espresso premium coffee blends are consistently exceptional, each with a distinctive espresso character. From delicate yet complex, to rich full-bodied dark roast, these carefully blended and slowly roasted coffees have been especially developed to offer regional taste nuances. 

Piazza D'Oro Espresso coffee is proud to be UTZ Certified and roasted locally, right here in Australia.

We've gone to alot of trouble to make sure we produce the perfect blends for Piazza D'Oro and believe strongly in developing essential barista skills to ensure the quality of each coffee made. We work with The Barista Workshop to povide barista courses which are carefully structured to provide essential training for baristas.

For a full experience of Piazza D'Oro visit www.piazzadoro.com.au


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PDO Forza

Forza 1kg

Mezzo 1kg

Terroso 1kg

The Artisan 1kg

The Colombian 1kg

Sustainable Original Blend 1kg

Double Origin

Double Origin

Decaffeinated 1kg

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Takeaway Cups



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