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New professional capsule coffee machine

Discover the L'OR Suprême solution

Choose an exceptional coffee experience

  • Performance: an intelligent and easy-to-use machine
  • Tailor-made: an offer adapted to your company
  • Choose from: 4 types of 100% arabica coffee blends
  • Quality: all coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Service: from installation to capsule recycling


For offices

L’OR Supreme is suitable for start-ups, law firms, hair salons and large companies.


For hotels

Our L'OR Suprême solution is ideal for serving quality espresso or latte at any time of the day and leaving a memorable experience for your customers. 

Why choose the L’OR Suprême solution?

With L’OR Suprême you can offer an exceptional coffee experience.

A quality coffee

We are committed to offering you quality coffee for your employees and customers. For this reason, we select the best Arabica beans and source them responsibly. All our coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Our coffee is packaged in professional aluminum capsules after being assembled and ground. The aluminum capsule ensures better aroma preservation for exquisite taste and intense flavors in each cup.

An easy-to-use machine

The pleasure of choosing your favorite beverage (espresso, lungo, ristretto, cappuccino, latte macchiato...) in just 1 click by using the touch screen. Our professional coffee machine, L'OR Suprême, is a high-performance machine that is easy to use and maintain.

A wide choice of drinks

Our range of four coffee discs have been created with passion by our L’OR Coffee Artists to meet all palates and desires.

The L’OR Supreme coffee machine exists in different versions: without a fridge to serve coffee only or with a fridge to serve gourmet based drinks with milk. Our coffee experts will provide you with a tailor-made offer based on your needs.

4 Rainforest Alliance certified coffees

To offer choice and quality coffee to all your employees and customers.

Lungo Intense

A long coffee that offers delicious touches of exotic fruits as well as warm notes of toasted almond and caramel on the palate.

Decaffeinated Espresso

A smooth and comforting decaffeinated coffee. Its very fine aroma reveals delicate notes of hazelnut, malt and biscuit.


Intense Espresso

A bold coffee with chocolate flavors, with a hint of caramel and toasted notes. Its roasted character contrasts with its sweetness.


A unique and intense coffee with a beautiful aromatic complexity on the nose and palate. This Italian ristretto is ideal at the end of a meal.


A tailor-made solution

A range of accessories and furniture to set up the break area in your company

Cups and display


Bring a touch of elegance with our L'OR coffee cups and shelves to compartmentalize your capsules. 

The L’OR L’Atelier furniture range


Make your coffee area a friendly meeting place for colleagues to relax and chat. Our furniture is suitable for all offices and allows you to carefully store capsules and accessories.

Our professional capsule recycling program

An aluminum capsule recycling sector which contributes to job creation.

Infinitely recyclable capsules with our TerraCycle partnership

We chose aluminium for our capsules because the material best preserves flavour and aroma. Aluminium is an abundant and infinitely recyclable material, which helps deliver the ultimate taste pleasure in every cup of L’OR coffee, with respect for people and planet.

Read more about TerraCycle

 A complete coffee experience
for your company  

L'OR PROFESSIONAL offers you a complete coffee experience, from the machine to the maintenance service. 
Everything you need to create a friendly and unique coffee experience, always with excellent attention to detail.

Discover L'OR Professional