Mazzer Mini Digital

When coffee is a sideshow
  • Electronically controlled portioning
  • Variable grind settings
  • Digital display

When coffee is a sideshow

Isn't coffee your core business and do you only do small amounts of coffee per day? Then the Mazzer Mini Digital is the perfect solution for you. 

Is this coffee machine best suited to your business?

  • Ideal for smaller locations
  • Digital display for easy usage
  • Long grinding time

Voltage (V)

Coffee machines with a voltage of 230V can be connected to a normal socket. Coffee machines with a voltage of 400V require a power connection.
  • 230V

Machine dimensions

Height x width x depth in millimeters.
  • 635 x 240 x 455

Coffee jug

If this function is enabled, you can also make jugs of coffee. The content of the coffee jub differ per type of machine and depends on the height of the dispensing space.
  • No

Coffee capacity (KG)

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  • 0.6